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24 Hours with


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Jenna Hirvonen (21),

Finland, political sciences

at VU University Amsterdam


By bike

‘Every weekday I cycle to school. I like the Amsterdam biking culture. I’m not used to travelling by bike that much because in Finland things aren’t that close to each other. Here you can just go anywhere by bike. It’s great! The VU has this new project with blue bikes for international students. I hope I can get one.’


On the train

‘I really only take the train for a day trip with friends. Next week I’m going to Utrecht by train, actually. I am excited because you see a lot of the Dutch landscape and the country is so flat, which I think makes it really beautiful.’

Dutch landscape image


The ferry

‘I’ve already been to Amsterdam-Noord by ferry. If it’s hot outside, the ferry is nice and you can take great pictures. Amsterdam-Noord is fun too, because it’s really artsy and there is a large flea market every now and then.’ (bimonthly market in IJhallen, see chapter six)


Taking the tram

‘I sometimes take a tram when I’m going somewhere with friends. Also, I take a tram when it is somewhere new, because I’m afraid I’ll get lost by bike. Trams provide good information about which stop you need to get off at and what you can find there.’

IJhallen image


Back on the bike

After lectures I cycle back home. On the way I stop at the supermarket to get some food for dinner. You really have to pay close attention to the traffic because a lot of people are only focused on their own route. Traffic rules don’t seem to matter to a lot of people. Everybody is just looking out for themselves.’


Good night bus

‘I haven’t used the night bus yet. I know about it but I usually go by bike then too. It’s cheap and when you’re with a large group it’s a lot more convenient. The night bus comes in very handy when you are stranded somewhere and you don’t have money for a taxi.’

Bus stop at night image